Earth’s population is expanding. Our duty therefore, is to strive to cater to every human being who arrives on this world. Continually innovate, so that as many people as possible can live fulfilling and healthy lives on this planet. We do this by using our technological abilities to become more efficient; so that we can do more with less. The more we can do with the same amount of resources, the better off we will be. Each new human being on our planet is an infinitely precious addition to our society; our aim should be always to expand and to look outwards, so long as we can do so sustainably, to ensure, to the best of our ability, the health and happiness of all generations to come.

Innovation in agriculture is critical as part of this process. Agriculture is the foundational primary industry; its efficacy underlies all subsequent human achievement. It was the invention of agriculture that birthed human civilisation. The pooling of resources in the cultivation of plants and animals allowed human kind to start doing new things, to dream of new horizons. And so it continues. We must continue to innovate to solve the problems of our time, to maintain our open, confident, diverse, expansive and free societies.

To provide nutritious food to all and to maintain and improve the health of our global ecosystems, we need a new wave of innovation in agriculture. What has been achieved so far is not enough. There is no cause to rest on our laurels. Productivity is key. The harnessing and new combination, invention and design of technological and social ability in agriculture is what will continue to underpin the health and security of civilisation.

Creativity and innovation are exciting, demonstrating the best of who we are; our ability to solve problems and to overcome adversity, to maintain and improve prosperous and free societies for all. We should never be satisfied with the world we have if the creation of a better one is within our reach. No existence is true and fulfilled unless it is a complete expression of our potential and ability.

There is so much to enjoy and to look forward to in our time. The present is wondrous and the future is bright. We should never forget what has enabled it all or become complacent. We are entitled to nothing we do not create for ourselves. We must earn the present with cunning and create the future with dedication and sweat.