Alpha Centauri’s mission is to solve problems fundamental to human progress, with the cheap and sustainable production of food for all chief amongst these. If Earth is to sustain a global population of 10 Billion by 2050, whilst preserving healthy ecological and built environments for all, cities will need to produce 50% of the food consumed within their borders. This requires a revolution in food production and logistics. That is what we are here to deliver, beginning with the individual consumer.   

Gabriel Thelen

Gabriel Thelen


Gabriel is passionate about freedom and science and the power of technology to fundamentally improve the dignity and wonder of humanity.

Inventor: AdaptiGrow

Comes from a horticultural family and holds a Bachelor of Horticulture from Charles Sturt University

Stuart Reynolds

Stuart Reynolds


Works with startups from the ground level up to $25 million turnover – particularly in the CFO/Accounting/Marketing Strategy/Co-Founder capacity.

Founder – Fulllstack Accounting

Former school dux – 96.0 UAI.
Stuart brings Top 10 accounting firm/corporate expertise to the table.
NB: Before Commerce, Stuart pursued a Science Degree.

Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan


Daniel’s career goal is to progress through the marketing industry through both professional and academic pathways.

With a Diploma in Business and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) soon to be completed, Daniel has up-to-date knowledge on both traditional and up-and-coming forms of Marketing.

Working with real-world clients in both academic partnerships and internships, Daniel has developed skills in marketing such as, but not limited to, online strategic marketing management, integrated marketing communications and data analysis.

Through the co-founding of a start-up (Palavo), Daniel has honed skills in information technology and business management.

Daniel has also overseen teams and has been placed in charge of, and effectively managed, small businesses in his previous industry.